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Kinetik Design began back in the days of good old fashioned html coding when everything was done from scratch.  We’ve been in the Design and Marketing business for over 20 years.  After my first son started school at 2016, Kinetik Design was on the backburner while I homeschooled him and his 3 brothers and sisters for the next 6 years.  My son was super keen on digital art and art design, but I was always struggling to find a good online class for him.  Now that the kids are in Public School, I’ve been able to spend more time in the Public Ministry which I love, and sought to do something that could help out financially, while not encrouching on that  or my family time.  So I decided it was time to use my Industry skills to help the next generation of Homeschool kids.  So here we are, launching our first class in 2024!

Payment Schedule

Term 1 $90.00 for the term

Term 2 $100.00

(Paid in full before class starts, or weekly by recurring payment schedule)

Payment can be made via paypal:  lynn@kinetikdesign.com.au

or via Bank Deposit

(Contact me for details)


Class fees enable me to continue the classes and I may be able to reduce these fees depending on the class size.

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