Art & Design Online Classes Starting Feb 2024!

Do your kids love art and design?  Digital Design?  We are offering Kinetik Design’s first Art & Design classes in 2024, crafted for Stages 3-4 (10-15 year olds) in an online course run Tuesdays at 12:30pm (EST Sydney, Canberra, Australia).

Does your child show an aptitude in Art and Digital Technologies?  Our Art & Design classes will be incorporating Digital Design for the 2nd Semester using real industry used programs.

Our classes will run on Tuesday at 12:30pm, but if this time doesn’t suit, please feel free to contact us with a preferred time / date and if we have enough kids, we may register another class at that time.  Due to an overwhelming response from our overseas friends, we are trying to find a time that suits the USA & UK time zones… 

Classes will incorporate Art Design theory and practice (doodling through the class will absolutely be encouraged!!)  We will be covering art design elements and practicing these skills and showcasing them on the Facebook group for others to be inspired by.   Classes will be highly visual, interactive and engaging…

All classes align with the Australian Curriculum and will incorporate Arts, Digital Design, English and History, Science (and don’t tell the kids – maths!!)  Each week you will be sent a worksheet with the theory, comprehension questions, and assignment for the week.

Term fees (All in Australian Dollars AUD)

Term 1 $90.00 AUD for the term**

Term 2 $100.00 AUD **

or $10 per student, per class **

(Paid in full before class starts, or weekly by recurring payment schedule)

Payment can be made via paypal:  lynn@kinetikdesign.com.au

or via Bank Deposit

(Contact me for details)

 **Please note:  I would love to offer these classes free of charge to all of our Homeschooling brothers and sisters, alas class fees enable me to continue the classes, pay for things like zoom subscriptions and design software….  Thank you for your understanding and if you have multiple kids who would like to attend, we are happy to discount the other children to make it more affordable.  🙂  If these classes are beyond your means, please get in touch and something can be arranged.

2 + 11 =

Online Learning

We use Zoom meetings for online learning.

Can’t make the class?  No worries… All our live classes are recorded so your child doesn’t miss out on the lesson and the assignment for the week.  

Is your child hesitant to be in an online class?

No problems at all.  All kids are different, and while some kids thrive on zoom, we understand that some do not.  Which is why we have recordings for those that would prefer not to be “live” online.  We also have a Facebook community for the group, where people can post their art works and creations online, and thus still contribute and feel included in the group.  

Engaging classes, fun and designed for "fidgety kids!"

 Most artistic driven kids are naturally ‘fidgety’, easily distracted, and love to move! So we encourage them to draw, doodle, fidget during the class, whatever helps them engage more… Our classes will be creative, engaging and fun and definitely don’t run slow! (Fellow ADHDer here !!)  If you find you have a child who runs in this category, this might be just the class for them…

Would you like to see what you’re getting into? Click here to download the first lesson FREE**

Art Design Weekly Schedule

Term 1 



10:00am (TBC – subject to numbers)

12:30pm (EST Sydney) Art Design Fundamentals   Stage 3-4  



1:00pm (EST Sydney) Art Design Fundamentals  Stages 3-4  (Subject to numbers)



11:00am (EST Sydney) Art Design & Technology for Stages 1-2 (To be confirmed – register your interest for this class)

Hello! I’m Lynn. Got any questions? Get in touch below!

0407 281 489